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Wellington Bullings and Tim Wendel video recording session in Studio D. - February 2019. Videography by Eric Blumer



During a Studio D. Party, Doug's guest, Tempa Singer, invited her friend Diane to come to Studio D and to sing live for the party. So Doug met Diane Divadi and her guitarist, Steve.  Afterwards, Diane called back to invite Doug to meet her vocal coach who worked with some of the greats in the entertainment business. After connecting him to Dr. Scott Martin, who sports a PHD from Juliard in New York City, Doug visited Scott's vocal academy and with permission from his students, sat in on several vocal coaching sessions. The relationship was mutually enjoyable and resulted in a new flow of talent to Studio D from some of the best singer songwriters in the Denver area. In gratitude, Doug offered to record Diane as a gift for her introduction and as a surprise for Dr. Scott. "Merlin" was the song she presented. After hearing it for the first time, Doug told Diane it was too long to be a song on the radio. Doug then stated that he could hear it as a musical narrative for film. It was such a visual song.

After several relentless sessions in Studio D, Diane and Steve recorded Merlin and the multitude of vocal tracks had become too much effort for the memory management of Doug's memory-starved Apple computer. It was probably more operator error than an hardware issue, but after several failed attempts to recover the song, Doug gave the best mix and individual tracks to Diane who proceeded to have the recorded music mixed to completion and mastered by a friend. After organizing the vocal tracks to Diane's satisfaction and finalizing the project, Diane had the opportunity to submit it to a gentleman in the UK who heard it, loved it, and thought it would be the perfect original song for Merlin fans who were trying to bring back a Merlin Television series in England. With Diane's permission, the song was put to video and submitted as part of an appeal for the return of Merlin to the BBC. These are the videos.  Diane is now a vocal coach in her own right working with clients world-wide. She teaches out of her home in Northern Colorado.  She is also an Associate Vocal Coach at The Songbird Tree based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

Doug's takeaway of this amazing story: Never underestimate the power of music! Document your talent and throw the hook in the water - throw lots of hooks in the water. Have gratitude and be thankful for your talent, then expect a result - if you want one, and will it into reality. You may think your only fishing in local waters and before you know it you're catching fish across an ocean.

Dr. Scott can be found at:

Thanks Diane - it was a pleasure to document Merlin.


Diane Divadi



This video production was recorded and created by Doug Furia with still pics provided by Nick.  The interviewer is Jason Musso.



Graphic design by Matthew Rodriguez - Voice-over by Doug Furia



Mike Worthington and Doug Furia at the Stansbury Park Concert Series

Stansbury Park, Utah - Fall 2017