Doug Furia and Studio D. Music

Denver's Premier Recording Studio for Acoustic Singer Songwriters


Recording Studio and Venue

By day a full-service recording studio and when night falls, a comfortable venue. The vibe is undeniable, and Studio D. house concerts are food-packed, fun-packed, and promise to be a great experience for live, acoustic music.

Photo by Doug Furia


Yamaha C7 Conservatory

The hallmark of Studio D is the Yamaha C7 Conservatory Grand Piano - the standard for pro recording studios. She was a dream come true.

Photo by Josh Dornback


Pro Equipment

Advancements in technology have given us the ability to capture audio digitally with the warmth of analog. The equipment quality is paramount to the final product.

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Hi Resolution Recording

Recording at the 192khz hi definition sample rate will provide a clarity you may have never heard before. That’s 192 thousand samples of sound per second in time. CD quality is 44khz - do the math.

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Singer Songwriter Focus

The singer songwriter soloist or small group will love recording in the space. Studio D has hosted a vast range of organic talent and genres from Rap and Hip Hop to Native American Flute.

Photo by Marcus Gipson


Resources and Connections

Doug has a wealth of resources including professional vocal classes, mixing, mastering, photography, videography, and facilitation of pro studio session player orchestrations. Take your talent to the next level!

Photo by Doug Furia


YES, you can...

Clients include: Professional musicians, singer songwriters, karaoke singers, small groups, and voice-over talent. Studio D is the affordable resource for recording a song concept, a demo, or a fully mastered album.

Photo by Doug Furia

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Local Talent

Hear local talent in Studio D's audio portfolio, then link to musician sites and get out to support these amazing artists in the Rocky Mountain community and beyond. Boulder native Wellington Bullings and guitarist Tim Wendel.


Internet and Social Media

The internet and social media are vast resources for getting your talent heard around the world and developing a growing fan base. The possibilities are limitless!

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Philosophy of Purpose

Like a multi-point star, we are all connected. If talent is your gift, honor it by sharing it, then watch the universal blessings happen. The power of intention is real!

Photo by Doug Furia


Quality Matters

Studio D's trade marked wax seal represents the mission to delight the artist with an experience, a memory, and a product for a lifetime.

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